Allow Us to Get a Kitten

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Please sign this petition to help convince my dad and grandmom that they should let us get a kitten. 

Here are the reasons that we should get a kitten:

  • All of us children really want a kitten; so much so, that Derek Jr., 10, has even promised to keep the kitten fed and Madilyn, myself, 16, will clean the litter everyday. 
  • We can keep the litterbox under the vanity in the bathroom. 
  • Kittens are fuzzy and bring joy to stressed high schoolers. 
  • Sometimes when Madi and Gabi, 13, come home late at night from robotics they will need a fuzzy thing to pet that isn't as energetic as Bailey, our dog. 
  • The kitten can be an indoors cat and we won't have to worry about the kitten getting hurt. 
  • We can get a kitten that's good with grabby 3 year old hands. Wouldn't a picture with Tommy and our new kitten be a really nice christmas card?
  • Imagine Tommy and the new kitten sleeping together XXXTREME CUTENESSS
  • We can get a cool pet hair vacuum and clean up the hair or even get a breed that doesn't shed as much. (see )
  • We've had a kitten before and he was very loved and always got enough attention. (R. I. P. Kitty Pretty Cain)
  • Mom also wants a kitten and she should have the final say considering she's going to be the one who actually remembers to take care of it in the end.  

Here are are the reasons we have to not get a kitten:



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