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The closing of Forestville HS would be detrimental to the students, alumni and community

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As Prince George’s County residents, current/former teachers, alumni, coaches, volunteers, community members and leaders, business owners, etc. of Forestville High School located at 7001 Beltz Drive, Forestville, Maryland, we would like to express our concern about the decision that was made to close this educational institution.  Forestville High is a community school and we are requesting that the recommendation to close it be removed from this and any future proposal.

            According to a Staff review of Volume 4 MPSP School Recommendations, Overview of Brailsford & Dunlavey MPSP findings and recommendations “Forestville High School is slated to be consolidated into Potomac and Suitland High Schools in Fiscal Year 2034”.  In addition, according to Staff Review of Volume 4 MSPP School Recommendations, PGCPS Staff initial recommendations “Boundary study to assess the feasibility of expediting the closure of at least one high school.  The consolidation of Forestville High School may be required if PGCPS is to receive stated funding for the Suitland High School campus renovation”.

            Forestville High should not be in jeopardy of closing because PGCPS officials would like to receive state funding for the Suitland High School campus renovation.  The past, current and future students slated to attend this family oriented high school are looking forward to continuing the Forestville Knights traditions of being scholars, star athletes and heavily involved in the community.  As such, we are requesting that we be afforded that opportunity.  This school has overcome many obstacles and with your support and assistance, we look forward to overcoming this one as well.

            As you may be aware, Forestville High Schools low enrollment is a result of the school being rezoned and the removal of the Military Academy.  The school was thriving and fully functional until the aforementioned decisions were made and implemented.

            Since transitioning to high school is already stressful enough on families and especially children, by closing this small family oriented educational institution this will cause an unnecessary burden on the children who will be forced to attend a larger school.  Studies have shown that children perform better when they feel valued.  Also in smaller settings/classrooms children they have a greater opportunity to achieve success, grow and become productive adults/citizens.  In a larger environment there is a greater chance of academically losing students focus and/or success.  In addition, they won’t have the same day-to-day opportunity to receive involvement from school leaders and advisors. 

            Forestville High School is a community school which has produced many scholars and will continue to that if given the opportunity.  In addition to producing scholars, it has produced star athletes, Physicians, Attorneys, Educators, Board of Education members (Karen Toles), and leaders inside/outside of the Forestville community.

            Research has shown that when students find their school environment to be supportive and caring, they are less likely to become involved in substance abuse, violence, and other problem behaviors.  In fact, they are more likely to develop positive attitudes toward themselves and prosocial attitudes and behaviors toward others. 

            The current and future Forestville High School students deserve to continue their education at this phenomenal educational institution.  In addition, the alumni/past teachers, coaches, volunteers, etc., who worked hard and continue to work hard at this institution deserve the right for it to remain open.  Several alumni currently work at the school and an overwhelming amount of alumni are supportive of the school.  Although PGCPS are in the process of funding programs for schools to assist in reviving the community, Forestville High School Alumni already saw this as a need and has implemented the following programs at no charge to the school:  mentoring, tutoring, financial planning, etc.  These programs to date have increased reading/math scores and attendance rates.  They have also been instrumental in decreasing the suspension rate.  If allowed to continue with these programs, we are confident that additional positive outcomes will be attained.

            As Maryland/Prince George’s County registered voters and concerned Forestville High School current/former teachers, alumni, coaches, volunteers, community members and leaders, business owners, etc. we are seeking your assistance as you have sought ours when you were trying to be elected.  We are hopeful that you will accept the challenge of intervening and assisting us in this matter. 

            We know that we can count on you to make a difference and assist us in ensuring that this educational institution remains a community school.  If we can’t rely on you to be committed to our needs, we will no longer be able to commit to your needs during re-election time. 



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