Save the Secret Garden

Save the Secret Garden

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Zoe Smith started this petition to Derbyshire district council

A wonderful Secret Garden, built by a local, for the locals is being threatened with being torn down.

 Mr Rob Banner has taken the time, the resources and the love he has for his community and given back in a way that has brought joy to many. By building a garden, which includes benches and bird feeders, pathways and beautiful wild flowers all set neatly. 

 Pleasing to the eye, visitors to the secret garden have been and continue to be on the rise with more and more learning about it and hoping to visit even now! Sadly, if nothing is done, the Derbyshire District Council are primed and ready to rip everything apart and allow this fairy-tale haven to become nothing but brambles.

During the covid-19 pandemic, so many of us have sought solace in our daily walk, and this small place has brightened so many lives. More and more people are getting up and walking just to go find this garden and have an hour, sitting on the stone built benches and drinking in the nature around it.

Help us save the Secret Garden! 

A word from Mr. Banner (copied from his facebook page - Pye Bridge Secret Garden) -

I have spent all afternoon finding an contacting many peeps who I hope can help, the main one being the Wildlife Trust who I believe tell the council what to do! Chris Packhams agent as i don't know how to contact him directly, councilors and the press :) But have not been able to track down Mark Hudsons Boss :( I have sent this general leetter to all of them under the heading Save Pye Bridge Secret Garden ....... Save Pye Bridge Secret Garden.
DE55 4NZ
Hi, this is a general letter as going out to several people, I hope you can help.
I have created beautiful area in the wooded area next to the path between the old scrap yard and meadows on Pye Bridge Conservation Area, Derbyshire County Council are going to demolish everything on or near the 11th of June which is this Friday! And won’t listen to anything I have to say, Mark Hudson - who I had to embarrass into contacting me with messages to his assistant Mark Haslam  asking why he wouldn’t contact me was extremely rude and even shouted at me when he eventually called me and was very un professional it seems he has now taken it personally!
The area had an awful lot of illegally dumped items from over the years and a huge amount of rubble, glass, metal and the pond was in a terrible state with the usual type of shopping trollies and bike frames and wheels and many car tyres that you might expect to find next to where a scrap yard used to be, and many other items left over from when the area was created after the open cast mining was finished, houses were demolished and the canal filled in approx 35 years ago or longer, I have cleared so much of this and recycled many bricks and stone that the area is now thriving and Mark Hudson has insisted it is not even though he has only been in the job 8 months and has only visited the area once so has no previous knowledge of the area, I have built a seat and tried to turn it into a sort of pleasant sculpture garden, the bench has been deemed unsafe yet the previous person in Mark Hudsons position didn’t or it wasn’t reported to him that it was, I have asked for reports under the Freedom of Info act and been fobbed off! Mark Hudson just kept repeating himself saying that I have stopped the natural progression of the bramble, nettles, hawthorn and other greenery even though there is now so much more growing than before I started, the work carried out with the sculptures was only done on areas where nothing was growing and now there is and it is spreading naturally which was always my intention, I have not killed or damaged anything.
I have asked for the contact details of the agency which provides funding to the Council as I hope to get them to visit and see how nice it is and I can explain what I have done and why so much more is growing and that I have not stopped the natural progression of anything but I presume Mark Hudson will ignore this like he did when I first tried to get him to contact me!
What he proposes ordering his staff to do will also be breaking several laws unless there has been a site survey and reports including work to be carried out and all the health and safety aspects of it, including a porta loo for the workers I have told Mark Haslam this and that he could get into trouble for it but have yet to receive a reply and again presume I will be ignored. HE WILL BE BREAKING SEVERAL LAWS AND ENDANGERING HIS STAFF! Just turning up with work boots, gloves and a few hammers does not cover this!
There are very dangerous wooden steps in the area that really need addressing before someone gets hurt, I have also pointed this out but again it seems I’m being ignored, I have even volunteered to help fix these as I have the relevant health and safety certificate, tools and knowledge to carry this out correctly with his staff provided they get the right Health and Safety training to do so.
The locals, dog walkers and some who walk from Pinxton and Selston to enjoy the area are very upset at the council as Pye Brige only has a very small childs play area which dogs are not allowed in and paths created by dog walkers, now we have a nice Garden area with eating which Mark Hudson seems to have made it his personal aim to destroy because I had to embarrass him into contacting me about it al! I hope anyone can help or at least stop and delay Mark Hudsons and his staff breaking several laws so we can speak to the other relevant agencies and get their views on it all.
This is urgent as they intend to be destroying everything as of or near to the 11th June which is this week.
Thanks Rob.


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