Keep the Upper Goyt Valley road to Derbyshire Bridge traffic-free

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Since September 2019, 3.5 kilometres of the unnamed one-way road from Errwood Hall to Derbyshire Bridge in the Upper Goyt Valley west of Buxton has been closed to vehicle traffic for subsidence works.

During this time, it has been possible for walkers and cyclists to enjoy the full use of this spectacular road without vehicles suddenly approaching, taking up its entire width. Since it was made one-way in 1980, cycling both ways hasn’t been allowed for 40 years. Isn’t it time for a rethink?

Cocooned within the valley walls only a few miles south of Whaley Bridge and within reach of Manchester, it is possible to only hear the wind, water and wildlife — and occasional whir of a bike or walkers’ conversations — without constant interruption from passing engines.

Other roads in the area provide perfectly good routes both in to, out of and around the Upper Goyt Valley, with no less than seven official car parks and several further parking spots allowing access to this marvellous countryside from all directions.

We are now requesting Derbyshire County Council keep this part of the upper Goyt Valley car-free, for good.

The existing one-way system inconveniences walkers due to the narrowness of the road and particularly cyclists due to the inability to safely and legally cycle back down into the valley, removing what could be a useful and safe two-way route between the High Peak and the wider Peak District, bypassing the busy and intimidating roads through Buxton.

This isn't even such a bold suggestion. The road is already closed every Sunday in summer to "manage traffic" and allow more space for walkers and cyclists. It's really popular, too - so why should the majority of users only have one day to enjoy it like this?

Turning this into a traffic-free “greenway” trail would create an incredible local asset, giving the people of Derbyshire and neighbouring areas a safe, wide, well surfaced, two-way route for walking, cycling, horse riding, wheelchair and scooter access, ready for use immediately. Emergency access could be maintained and, by scrapping of the one-way system, improved.

The road is currently scheduled to re-open to one-way vehicle traffic on 30th June or sooner. Allowing one-way traffic to return to the upper Goyt Valley at this time would be needless and unnecessary, especially in light of the COVID-19 situation. Together, we can change this.

Please sign this petition, share, and write to Derbyshire County Council. Urge them to take this forward, act now and keep the upper Goyt Valley road closed for cars, open for people, for good.