Help Ambergate become safer for the community by providing a pedestrian crossing

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The A6 that’s runs through the village of Ambergate is a fast and dangerous road. We have a lot of speeding vehicles and large articulated lorries pass through.
There are many reasons to campaign for a pedestrian crossing near to the church in Ambergate.
The village has most of its amenities, the garage and local shop, the church and our local public house the Hurt Arms located on the other side of the A6 to the houses in Ambergate. Making even a short walk for a pint of milk a dangerous task.
Tragically after the death of 78 year old Florence Crofts in 2011, who was crossing the A6 road to the church to attend the local pantomime it has been apperent the need for a pedestrian crossing to save any future lives.
Every week the children from Ambergate school use the cricket ground for their PE lessons. As the school playground is very small and not adequate, the school staff and children have to take their life’s in their hands and attempt to cross the children across this major road with no assistance just to be able to play sports.
The village of Ambergate also struggles with parking especially around the school during pick up and drop times. Our designated safer school drop off scheme states the car park behind the garage on the A6 and the Hurt Arms car park on the A6 should be used for this use. Unfortunately this then leaves parents with no safe way to cross their children across the busy A6 many parents also have younger siblings with pushchairs to cross also. Not everyone can cross at a run which is often needed to get across the road. If the school parents could park in the designated drop off points this would make walking to school a lot safer as the cars would not be parked on the pavements and across people driveways blocking access.
Most schools have access to safe crossing to their school using a pedestrian crossing and a lolly pop lady, but we at Ambergate are forgotten and left to risk our lives. As the school is rural a lot of the parents live in the surrounding countryside and need to be able to drive their children to school, as there is no public transport which parents can use.
The local Baby and Toddler group also run at Saint Anne’s Church on a Monday morning, meaning mothers with babies and young children have to face crossing the dangerous road.
Also the local community attending Saint Anne’s church and events taking place at the church hall underneath Saint Anne’s Church are affected by the busy road.
The local community who want to enjoy the wonderful shining cliffs woods with families and dogs to get much needed exercise also have to cross this dangerous road.
Hopefully the installation of a pedestrian crossing would help to remind traffic passing through the village of Ambergate the speed limit, which a lot of drivers choose to ignore.
Please sign our petition to help protect our community and let them cross this busy road with the assistance of the pedestrian crossing.