TAKE ACTION on Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety - Traffic Moorway Lane

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Petition Detail:

We the undersigned urge Derby City Council to thoroughly investigate traffic conditions and risks to pedestrians and cyclists in the vicinity of Derby Moor Academy and the area immediate surrounding the school. The safety of students and other pedestrians is being put at risk, and residents are being greatly inconvenienced by significant irresponsible parking and queuing at peak times outside and around Derby Moor Academy.

We ask that Derby City Council urgently and specifically consider the safety of pedestrians and cyclists at this location, with a view to proactively enforcing existing traffic regulations outside the school and undertake a safety assessment of the area outside the school, to identify improvements which will make this location safer for pedestrians and cyclists than it currently is.

We invite the Highway Authority to liaise with student’s parents and the Academy’s representatives in researching this issue and in drafting proposals intended to make this area safer.

Petition Request:

We request that Derby City Council's Director of Strategic Partnerships, Planning and Transportation provide a summary of these investigations and proposals to protect the lives of pedestrians and cyclists at this location within three months of receiving this petition, and provide copies of their detailed conclusions to Derby Moor Academy for circulation to parents and other interested parties.