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It is even more important now that you sign now!

The Poultry Federation of India has started its own petition. The industry is misguiding consumers by using our farmers' names. 

The poultry industry wholly endorses the battery cages and are willing to ensure that the draft rules are maintained. They do not care for the well-being of the animal. The Government cannot only be hearing from the industry. We need to speak on behalf of the 460 million egg-laying hens and we need to speak louder! We need to tell them that battery cages should be abolished because they are inherently cruel. We need to tell them that the industry needs to be regulated to ensure that minimum animal welfare standards are followed. It is even more important you that people sign now!

#HensNeedSpace #HensAreNotBatteries #EndBatteryCages

Humane Society International: India
2 years ago