Inc. Village of Freeport Property Tax Assessment Reform

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Joseph Gambino started this petition to Deputy Mayor Jorge Martinez

Dear Freeport Residents and Property Owners,

Living in Freeport, we have seen many changes. Some good, some bad, and some have remained the same. Some changes were so subtle that they may not have caught your attention.

We are told that we have so much to be grateful for: our independent water, electric, public works, and police force which have supported our quality of life since 2013. All of these things continue to be available, without a lack of services and without an increase to our taxes. (except winter plowing and code enforcement) Overall, the administration is telling the truth, however for a majority of our residents and businesses, there is more to the story than meets the eye. MANY of us have been fooled, by the Village of Freeport Assessment department.

In Freeport our taxes are frozen by Nassau County. However, through questionable practices by the Village's contracted appraiser Mark Davella, property taxes have been reassessed way beyond the county assessed value. For Example, a home in Freeport that was assessed by the county at $290,000 has been assessed by Mr. Mark Davella for $350,000 which causes an increase in taxes for individual owners.

Every year, we get a notification from the county telling us our properties assessed value but do you ever get a notice from the village? I haven't gotten one in many years. Freeport Village, through Mark Davella, has overestimated the value far surpassing the county estimate. This practice is dishonest and unacceptable.

Mr. Davella enjoys what he is doing all the while being paid six figures from our taxes. In  addition, there are allegations that he has purchased multiple properties in Freeport that he has self-assessed at a value he determined. Mark Davella has direct access to purchase these properties where he is using his position and knowledge to get “first crack” at which properties he wants to purchase. As many of us already know, he is unapologetically rude and offensive. The Mayor and Trustees have yet to take any action against Mr. Davella because he is an integral part of their deception; fiscally through the village and politically for the Unity Home Rule party. Mr. Davella attacks anyone who challenges or questions the party by any and all means possible; social media, in person, etc. The Village Board and mayor, condones his behavior; to most who were victims, it appears as though they encourage him.

We are paying Mr. Davella to disrespect, intimidate, and rob us all while he and his political affiliates at village hall reap the benefits. Over the years many have asked the Freeport board of trustees (Deputy Mayor Jorge Martinez, trustee Carmen Pineyro, trustee Ronald Ellerbee and past trustee Debra Mule/Bill White) to end his contract. However, because this demand comes from only a few individuals and not all of Freeport, we are unheard and ignored.

But they can't ignore us if we do this as a team.

Please join us in defending our right to fair tax assessments and a true freeze on taxes. Email the Mayor and ask for a copy of your Freeport Village and Nassau County assessments to see this lie for yourself. Once you have them check to see the difference. If you see an adjustment where Freeport puts a higher value on your home compared to the county, then you my friend like the rest of us are being taken advantage of.

If you want to have a fair Freeport Village assessment and fair access to buy and invest in Freeport real estate, Mr. Mark Davella must go!

Please sign this petition to have his contract ended for taking advantage of us and demand that our mayor and trustees explain how this was allowed to happen.


*Anyone who signs this petition is a resident or property owner in the Village of Freeport and is requesting a new Professional Services Contractor from the Assessment Department be assigned to their property. We are also requesting that for each property assigned to the new contractor the Assessment Department will subtract the compensation from Mark Davella’s salary on a prorated basis and NOT come from any newly created position by The Village or from any new tax dollar revenue from the Resident’s. We are also requesting that the new Professional Services Appraiser does not own a residence in Freeport nor has any financial interest in any property in Freeport.

I, the undersigned, do hereby state that my place of residence is in Freeport, NY my signature hereto, and I do hereby am in favor of the attached petition and are joining in for a call to action to have the Village of Freeport’s contract with Mark Davella Rescinded.



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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!