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Stop the inclusion of Koi in the invasive alien species catalog and destroy an industry.

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We ask the Deputy Director General of Natural Environment, Mr. Miguel Aymerich Huyghues-Despointes, an exception to the law and to exclude KOI from the Catalogue of invasive alien species. 

The Association of Distributors of Pet's Products (AEDPAC) considers that categorizing as invasive this variety of Carp without taking into consideration its uniqueness is a very serious error that would affect negatively the world of aquatics, wholesalers, retail sector and the thousands of owners private of these animals.

The judgment of the Supreme Court 637/2016 of 16 March, orders to incorporate common carp in the catalog of invasive alien species, this incorporation is motivated by the invasiveness that these animals have in the Coto Donana. Since in any case has been considered the variety knowned as ornamental KOI, the AEDPAC association has asked the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Magrama) an exception for KOI.

Objective arguments:

Our arguments are objective, and we rely on the history of KOI. This variety occurs in China and Japan, at that  given time breeders tents, always for human consumption, detect the occurrence of chromatic individuals who were easily preyed upon by other fish, birds and mammals, since it was an evolution of the species very visible and easily exposed by its bright colors. These specimens did not serve them, so they were eliminated. Later on they saw that it could have ornamental value and they began to raise this variety as a species for it, leading to the KOI as we know, which currently has more than 200 varieties of shapes and colors. It is a species that is born and as always lived in captivity, there for can hardly become an invasive alien species.

At no point in the judgement sentence it referres to the variety KOI carp

The KOI is confined in aquariums and garden ponds and there is only evidence of seeing some strain isolated individual on natural resources as an exceptional fact and never populations greater than one individual in Spain. 

The highly colored ornamental carp, such as KOI, it is impossible to be established in natural waters since the pressure from predators on it is very high.

The ornamental KOI isn't of any danger to biodiversity because they are confined in aquariums and enclosed ponds and are not transferred or introduced into natural resources as it happened with the varieties of carp used for sport fishing.

In conclusion: the Koi can not escape to the natural environment by itself and if released as an individual, has very little chance of survival.

With these arguments, the association has asked the Magrama to create an exception for KOI carp, given its null invasiveness and considering that the Supreme Court decision doesn't refer or is directed against this variety of carp, but refers exclusively to the tent common.

 What about companies

Entire companies dedicated to breeding and marketing KOI will disappear and are condemned to bankruptcy and their workers to unemployment, so as specialized professionals in creating ponds will have the same fate and wholesale manufacturers and marketers of accessories and supplies for ponds will also be greatly affected on their economy. (Also gardening and landscaping companies specialized in Japanese gardens and all related suppliers will be greatly affected)

 What will happen to the koi currently in private hands?

Individuals in possession of Kois have to qualify for the Transitional Provision Four of Law Catalogue of invasive alien species, forcing them to declare their holdings to the Autonomous Communities. This means that hundreds of thousands of individuals  shall have to be notified to the administration with a huge cost for individuals and communities. Where there is no problem, can result if frightened Kois holders decide to release them, representing its worst loquees certain death or sacrifice.

 Unique in the world.

We can not allow Spain to become the only country in the world to commit such an outrage and prohibit a species that on the planet is admired and cared. (This cannot become a precedent in the world that would cause major damage to the industry of Koi and all business related directly or indirectly as mentioned previously) 

I request the Deputy Director General of the Environment, Mr. Miguel Aymerich Huyghues- Despointes to create an exception for excluding the KOI carp from the catalog of Invasive Alien Species 

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Deputy Director General of the Environment

D. Miguel Aymerich Huyghues-Despointes

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