Help Us! Poor Muslims got cheated in the name of Holy Makkah & Madina by PVT travel agent

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About 3000 people, most of them poor, got cheated in the name of Pilgrimage to Macca, Madina the city of prophet Mahummad and Karbala where lies the tomb of Imam Hussain the grandson of the prophet.

karwane syedus sajidin ( KSS) a private tours operator running offices in Kadapa ( A.P), Mumbai, Hyderabad and have arrangements in Delhi, Chennai, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Gujrat lured innocent people with the cheap prices to these Holy places.

With the hope of performing the pilgrimage, these victims paid 18,000, 25,000, 35000, & 45,000 to KSS along with passports. Many people borrowed the money to afford Ziyarath to Madina and Karbala.

First KSS kept delaying the dates. After intense public pressure, it came out that it is a multi-crore scam. The chairman of KSS who is also the kingpin Syed Altaf Hussain Abedi got arrested in Nellore. Since then the matter has been shifted to Crime Case Investigation ( CCS).

Offices of KSS are shut with some members of the gang are arrested or absconding.

Dabeerpura Police station, Hyderabad, helped recovered the passports to some of us. It was heartbreaking to see the horde of poor Muslims crying on the loss of hard-earned money. What is more shocking was the Shia Maulans were involved too and trusting them people paid money.

Sir, we look for justice from you as the representative of Telangana government who has been a great supporter of minorities.

Sir, we the victims demand
1) CBI inquiry into this multi-crore organized scam involving 3000 victims.
2) We urge arrangements to be made to recover and distribute money  back to victims in 3 months.
3) We demand strict & deterrent punishment to all those involved in this scam and played with the spiritual sentiments of the innocent people.