Telangana girl students to be provided sanitary napkins @ 1/- per napkin as Chattisgarh.

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In the absence of affordable sanitary napkins, most girls use cloth as the ones available in the market are too expensive. Moreover, they hesitates at the thought of buying sanitary napkins from a male shopkeeper.

88% of women & girls in rural India do not have access to sanitary napkins and use alternatives like pieces of rag, ash, sand and husk.As a result, almost 1 in every 4 adolescent girl in the country quits school when she hits puberty. Poor menstrual hygiene is also responsible for almost 70% of reproductive diseases in India. Why should lack of sanitary napkins and superstitions stand as a barrier for Indian women& girl?  They are not born to sit amidst the 4 walls of their homes. They are human beings.

I want to ensure that every girl in this state should have access to sanitary napkin in their schools and to educate them about the significance of wearing these pads and the diseases that could result from them neglecting to wear it .

As rice is given at 1/- kg, why not a sanitary napkin be made available at all schools at 1/- per napkin. It will be better if supplied free of cost.