Appoint Special Counsel To Investigate Trump/Russia Connections

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In light of the recent Trump firing of FBI Director Comey, there is now no independent person or commission investigating the potential connections between the Trump Campaign and Russia.  A cloud of suspicion surrounds the President, and the confidence in our electoral process has been shaken to its roots.

The timing of this firing - just as Comey was seeking additional resources for investigation into the ties between the Trump Campaign and Russia leading up to the 2016 elections, only adds to the cloud of suspicion surrounding president Trump and further undermines the confidence of the American public in our elections process and our very democracy.

President Trump has shown a complete disregard for the traditions and conventions of over 200 years of American governance, mixing his personal business affairs with government, weaponizing the government to attempt to confirm his own version of the truth, including demanding the members of Congress put their important work aside to dig up "facts" to confirm a spurious accusation of wiretapping at Trump Tower.  He has repeatedly asserted that conflict of interest laws "do not apply to him as President."  He has appointed people to positions of security and investigative power who are compromised and of questionable character - Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn, as we know, and Attorney General Sessions himself, who was forced to recuse himself from investigations into these matters.

Nothing says "I'm guilty" like firing the guy who is investigating you just as he is requesting additional resources for the investigation!  His stated reasons for firing Comey fly in the face of earlier statements...he even praised Wikileaks during the campaign and encouraged the Russians to hack Mrs. Clinton.  One would think that if President Trump were truly innocent of the suspicions that surround him...he would welcome an independent investigation that could establish that innocence.

Mr. Trump's recent action, taken in context with previous actions (including the firing of Sally Yates) points in a different direction and our very democracy could depend on your action.  We, the undersigned, call upon you to appoint an independent special counsel to investigate these matters.  It is clear we cannot expect a truthful investigation conducted by the replacement hand-picked by the very man under investigation!