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POLICE bn charged n held accountable for MURDER

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My Son was murdered by DENVER Police on July 2,2014.They planned a operation of many Officers involved the task force , all district 1 Police ,the gang unit ,n undercover Officers all these Officers of the law planned this operation to apprehend my son over a warrant in a auto theft he wasn't charged for in court but Officers followed my son all day from info they received he would be attending his Best Friends Funeral. POLICE watched n followed him could've arrested him several times that day but they had it set up to wait for him at the funeral where there were many people to witness the ugly selfish dirty violence these Police who left my Son shot multiple times by 4 DENVER Police as they followed him in the parkinglot as he was parking they swarmed around him blocking him in as Officers approached my son in car that was still running as they began punching n violently beating him a unarmed young man as he feared his life tryed to get away from the brutality from undercover Police as many rounds of bullets began firing at my son killing him without giving him a chance to surrender !!! At a funeral that he was attending for his friend as many watched a death of my son caused by police n has bn found they did nothing wrong as is free of charges brought against them n they blame it on A DEAD YOUNG MAN FOR HIM MOVING THE CAR BECAUSE OFFICERS WERE BEATING HIM !!!!! WHERES JUSTICE WHEN POLICE ARE INVOLED IN THE DEATH OF A LIFE THAT HAS RIGHTS N WAS MURDERED OVER A STOLEN CAR !!! NEVER HAD ANY VIOLENT OR SERIOUS CHARGES FOR THEM TO HAVE TOOK HIS LIFE NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO BE TREATED N KILLED LIKE THEIR LIFE WAS NOTHING !!! HE WAS MY CHILD HE WAS EVERYTHING N MORE N I WANT THESE COPS TO PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID I WILL NEVER GET MY SON BACK OR SEE HIM AGAIN N MY SON DESERVES JUSTICE SO WE CAN LET HIM REST IN PEACE N ACCOUNTIBILY ON THESE OFFICERS  IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT OUR FAMILY SEES N NEEDS HELP TO SEE THAT HAPPEN!!!! JUSTICE FOR MY SON RYAN RONQUILLO WHO WAS 20YRS OLD WE WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT FOR POLICE ACCOUNTIBILY N POLICE TO BE CHARGED FOR MURDER!!! OUR LIVES MATTER TOO !!!!

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