Help keep Izzy in Australia, the place she has called home for the past 8 years!

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Isabel Amundsen is a beautiful, bubbly, warm, open hearted and inspiring 28 year old woman who has changed the lives of so many around her.

Izzy has been living, working and studying in Australia for the past 8 years. Upon first moving here in 2010, she established herself in the beautiful area of Manly on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and instantly felt this is where she belonged. She fitted in perfectly and before she knew it, she was as Aussie as it gets! 

She left everything behind in Norway to set up a life in Australia and took on studies here to grow her knowledge and skills to give back to the community and make a difference in people's lives. After 3 years studying a Bachelor of Business Administraion and Retail Services Management, Instensive Yoga Teacher Training, then finally a 12 month Diploma of Remedial Massage she had built up her knowledge and skillset to really know her craft and be the best at it that she could be and boy did she do just that! 

Now, a few years on working as a Remedial Therapist and Yoga Facilitator/Teacher on the Northern Beaches and has built an amazing network of clients and wonderful friends who are completely devastated and literally in tears at the news that immigration has denied her latest visa application and is having her leave the country and the only home that she knows all because she is not "highly skilled" or "unique" enough and can be easily replaced.

Izzy is not "just" any yoga teacher or massage therapist. She has literally changed the lives of so many around her... below are some quotes from some of her clients who have been heart broken by this news and are coming together to share what Izzy means to them and how invaluable she is to our community.

I couldn’t think of another person I know who deserves to be a resident of Australia more, while she has dedicated her life to helping others here, not to mention looking after this environment she has lived in. It’s safe to say working with her, she has not only drastically impacted my RSI, but she has changed my life. She has become more than just my physician or yoga teacher. She is a friend of mine and a friend to many who are lucky enough to be touched by herI will be waiting in anticipation for her return to Australia, it will be extremely difficult to find someone of this level to continue supporting my RSI. 
- Karina, North Narrabeen 

The community will suffer without Isabel, a truly inspiring, kind hearted soul with a sound knowledge of anatomy who delivers incredible yoga classes and amazing massage sessions. Through her remedial therapist work, Isabel played a big part in the successful delivery of my baby in 2018, which I am forever thankful for. This, and in combination with her capacity as a yoga teacher, has helped lifted my pre-& postpartum mental and emotional wellbeing to a healthy, positive state.
- Rika, Beacon Hill 

Izzy has become a greatly admired mentor in the village of Mona Vale. Her yoga classes are always at capacity and she lifts everyone’s spirits with her endlessly positive attitude. Her skills cannot be simply defined on a form. It is in the difference she makes to those she works with and encourages that makes her unique.
- Adam, Newport

Izzy is such an important part in Australia, Sydney Northern beaches in particular. If this unjust decision goes ahead there will be a huge gap in the alternative health industry and I very much doubt if anyone would come close to replacing her...She has become more of a doctor than a teacher I know this is the case for many others in the small tight knit community everyone knows Izzy and all have positive words to say about her she is always interested in helping people with health issues.
- Faye, Mona Vale

I believe Izzy's visa should be reinstated as her skill set is vital to the lives of many Australian people. I have practised yoga with Izzy for some time now and have found her influence vital to me living a healthy and happy life. I have four year old triplets and look after them full time on my own and without her skills in helping me meditate, stretch and release the tensions of everyday life, I would have feared for my health and family's wellbeing.
- Megan, Fairlight 

From the moment I met Izzy I felt there was something special about her, so much so that after attending her incredible yoga class, I felt the need to introduce myself and thank her for such a beautiful experience. She always seems to radiate sunshine and brings that warmth with her into all that she does. I can honestly say that I have never been so positively affected just from being around someones energy but she truly has that about her and if she has to leave I will forever feel that something unjust has been done. Izzy belongs here, it’s her home and with her in it, Australia is a better place.
- Natalie, Mona Vale

Izzy deserves the opportunity to be able to call Australia her home for good. Please sign this petition and spread the word to help us keep our Izzy home!