Get NZ Citizens Equal Rights in Australia

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In 2001, John Howard changed the laws around New Zealanders emigrating to Australia. Any NZ citizen moving to Australia gets granted an SCV visa. This allows us to work and live in Australia. However, those on unprotected SCVs (post 2001) are barred from accessing any help financially, socially and are even barred from some forms of employment. 

  • Non-protected SCV holders are unable to work in the Australian Public Service, nor are they able to work in the Australian Defence Force.
  • Non-protected SCV holders are unable to receive unemployment benefits, study assistance payments, sickness payments or carer payments - regardless of time lived in Australia or taxes paid.
  • Non-protected SCV holders cannot access their superannuation under financial hardship, as the legislation states that an applicant must be on eligible income support payments for a consecutive 26 weeks. Non-protected SCV holders are ineligible to receive income support payments. 
  • Non-protected SCV holders are unable to access HECS or HELP loans, unless they meet very strict criteria - which most adult SCV holders do not meet.
  • Non-protected SCV holders cannot obtain certain levels of security clearance, barring them from certain employment positions. 

There are only three pathways for non-protected SCV holders to achieve citizenship in Australia. Either through a partner visa, meeting an income threshold over a consecutive 5 years, or have an employer willing to sponsor you.

On the other hand, an Australian Citizen that decides to move to NZ, only has to spend two consecutive years in the country to be eligible for all of the services that are denied to kiwis here. 

Something needs to change. We pay our taxes, we contribute to society. We want to better ourselves, make a life for ourselves and raise our families here. It's time the Australian Government started treating us as equals here, as the New Zealand Government does for Australians. 

Please sign this petition and help us to get our voices heard.