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Arrest Madonna and Ashley Judd for treason

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In an outrageous verbal attack on our nations democracy and civil order, Pop singer Madonna and actress Ashley Judd proclaimed that they have thought about blowing up the Whitehouse in opposition to the new president elect. Protesting in peace is one thing, but denouncing our democracy, demonizing the leader of the free world and casting anti - establishment chants such as "blowing up the Whitehouse" has no room for patriotic endeavors and homeland safety. These actions fall under the pretenses of high treason and should be dealt with accordingly to make an example of the detractors who's goal it is to over throw our democracy and cause civil unrest. Please join me and petition to have these two abomination of citizens known as Madonna and Ashley Judd brought to justice and made an example to anyone who thinks it's ok to publicly threaten our highest office without repercussion. In a time of economic and social crisis we need to learn to stand united with our commander in chief and give him and our country the best chance for success.

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