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Stop Gainsborough Foundation a multi-award winning, alcohol treatment service from closing

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Patients and their families are devastated by the news that the NHS is not going to fund Gainsborough this year despite the proven savings the service makes in alcohol related hospital admissions. Feedback from GPs, who now know that recovery from alcohol dependence is not only possible but probable with Gainsborough Foundation, is overwhelmingly in favour of retaining this unique, hugely successful and invaluable service.

Patients’ letters of support and their accounts of the hope, amazing, empathetic and knowledgeable help they received are both heart wrenching and humbling.

‘Honestly, hand on heart I can’t thank them enough, I owe my life to them and really wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t helped me.’

‘I don’t believe that any other alcohol service can offer this level of care and teaching. The fact is quite simple, Gainsborough saved my life and created a future for me and my family.’

'Not only did the Gainsborough Foundation save my mother, they supported me during therapy sessions with mother. Teaching me how to deal with the emotional scarring of living with an alcoholic, and rebuilding our relationship back up. Without the Gainsborough Foundation, I don't where we would be today. For this, I owe them. 

Cutting these funds, will greatly devastate the  community, including the future of children like myself.  There are  Gainsborough staff that have been through what I have been through,  and have an insight and compassion that i have never come across before. 

I fear for the children of alcoholics, like myself, without this support.'

          Gainsborough Foundation registered charity number 1124694

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                      'Alcohol most hurts those it first helps'

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