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Remove Eujin Jaela Kim as principal of PS169

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We the people are seeking the removal of New York's principal Eujin Jaela Kim, to be replaced with someone who is qualified, able to perform the duties correctly, and believes in pledging allegiance to our great country of America.

Parents and the community have had issues with Eujin Kim since 2014. We feel Eujin Kim does not meet the criteria of 7 years full time teaching which is required of New York principal positions. We would like a investigation into how Eujin Kim was able to get thru the 7 years of full time teaching requirement.

The parents and community is tired of their concerns since 2014 being ignored. We would also like to see PS169's great legacy of traditions and celebrations brought back. We grow as a people by learning and embracing each other's cultures and beliefs, we gain nothing by being taught to banish other people's cultures and beliefs. We gain nothing by being ruled by a dictator. We gain nothing by banning the act of pledging allegiance to our great country known as America just as we do not gain anything by banning the reciting of Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America. We are Americans, we embrace all our citizen's cultures and beliefs, we take pride in learning of our citizen's various cultures and beliefs, and we take pride in pledging allegiance to America. We do not teach our kids that pledging allegiance to America is a dishonorable thing to do, we teach them it is a thing of honor and pride.

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