Expensive school holidays

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More and more parents rely on grandparents to look after the grandchildren while they are at work. As the grandparents are retired with a limited income, they cannot afford to go on holiday in the school holidays.  The holidays cost twice as much. However, they cannot go in the term time for there would be no one to look after the grandchildren to take them and  collect from school. The parent's try and keep their holidays to spend with their children during the school holidays.As grandparents we have not been on holiday now for several years due to our commitment to help our children with our grandchildren. I would like  parliament to reconsider their unfair legislation that does not allow school children in England to be allowed at least 10 days leave during school time without penalties being imposed. Children in Scotland and Wales are allowed time out without penalties being imposed. I thought we were all part of the United kingdom  but  parliament imposed this on England, but allowed Scotland and Wales to decide themselves whether to implement this ruling which  they have  chosen not to.