Depression, a threat to nation

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Stress and depression are such dangerous weapons that can destroy a life within minutes.

In today's world, mainly teenagers are suffering from depression, mental retardation, serious health issues, critical psychological problems etc.because of being over stressed.


Students have to choose the right profession to cope up with the world, family dreams something big for their ward and wish to fulfill it which sometimes put extra pressure on them.

North Eastern states along with some other, doesn't provide much choices for choosing a career except medical, engineering and general colleges.

During childhood some students are victims of mental harassment by their classmates(not everyone).When this happens for a long time he or she feels betrayed and sometimes they think of suicide attempt.

Relationship is a matter of joke now.Teens without realising the actual meaning of love and responsibilities of it, go for it and eventually within a month or two everything ends.But while one of them takes it seriously while the other doesn't things become worse.He or she undergoes depression and even take an extreme step.

Due to conservative nature of some parents, he or she fails to discuss certain issues with them and when fails to cope up with it alone becomes hopeless about life.

Poor economic condition of middle class families is another reason that creates numerous problems in life.

Abusive comments from the society also has a negative impact on personal life.

There are many more reasons.

But now we should find out a solution for it as a large number of teens in our country either suffer from depression or has tried to commit suicide or has already left this world.


Organising government campaigns 

Explaining people about it 

Reaching to backward areas where many issues may come up 

Giving free consultations 

Bring out the sufferers 

Providing medications to suffers


I am starting this petition in order to request  government and also the citizens of my country to take a look at it.The above-mentioned causes may not be solved particularly but at least some organisations can be created and counselling can be done so that young boys and girls can deal with those problems and fight depression and suicide. 

Thank you