DEPPheads for Hollywood Vampires tour in the US

DEPPheads for Hollywood Vampires tour in the US

April 30, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jenny Galliett

Violence knows no gender. Many of us have been through some kind of abuse in our life, or know someone. 

Johnny Depp, is not to be singled out, but to be made an example of a men who stands to his faults, knows that there are things he does that are not ok, nor legal. But he has never used it as an excuse. His defamation case has shined a light on an issue, that is being underestimated. 

I personally am a survivor of DV, in more than one way. My brother, is also a survivor of DV. Two of many people in this world, and we also never spoke up. But we survived. 

My TikTok following has requested to start this petition,  in order to give more awarness to moving on. 

We know that the HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES had to cancel their tour because of Covid issues overseas. But we surely hope that once this trial is over, they can fill their MEGA PINTS and tour here in the US.

We call for a US tour! We love you guys and want to support you! Please let us! 


Poem dedicated to Johnny Depp 

How could I explain the beating?

As you you sit there, watching me bleeding.

I didn't see the clues.

When you pretended to like blues.

I knew I had to escape,

Not allowed to talk,

So you punched me till I walked.

You beat me so bad, 

till you blacked out.

Could I ever withstand the pain?

You are insane!

It was nothing but a game,

Over nothing but my pain.

You yelled for leaving.

What was I supposed to do,

Besides hiding from you.

You degraded me and friends,

Just calling us names.

A mega pint of wine,

Will be just fine.



Petition by Christina Pilkey and Jenny Aamodt

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Signatures: 25Next Goal: 50
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