Deport illegal Rohingya muslims from India

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Dear Indians , we see so many illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar especially Rohingya Muslims with the active support of politicians/locals have illegally entered Bharat.

Around 40,000 Rohingya Muslims are residing in India illegally and more 5 lakh Rohingya Muslims will cross into India if "Government of India" and Supreme court doesn't take any strict action on them.

These people have strong indoctrination of religious fundamentalism and hence pose a grave threat to the very idea of India which is peaceful co-existence of Indians . Due to support of locals & some political parties which indulge in psuedo secularism and vote bank politics , these people have procured ration card , voter ID card and Aadhaar card . This issue should be dealt with without much delay because it is a attack on the very culture of India.

Why Indians should not give asylum to this  Rohingyas Muslims ?

1) Rohingya Muslims are prime target for Terrorist recruiters.

2) Rohingya Muslims will be a threat to our demographics in the future.

3) Rohingya Muslims are burden to us because if we allow them to settle in India, 10 lakh more Rohingya Muslims will enter into India and they demand equal share in our meagre resources, this will raise communal violence in India.

4) Indians should not take Rohingya issue as humanitarian because our children will suffer in the future due to increase of Rohingya Muslim population and even they can pose serious threat to our society as they don't understand our culture.

Indians please sign this petition, Government of India and Supreme court should deport Illegal Muslim Rohingyas to Myanmar.