Depop - acknowledge & treat us lifestyle sellers equally to clothing sellers!!

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Being a Depop lifestyle seller myself I am growing increasingly frustrated with Depop’s biased and unfair selection of what accounts they promote. 

In a recent discussion with a Depop Community Leader regarding why after 2 years of selling on Depop with over 20k followers and sales to match we were yet to be featured in their ‘staff picks’ sellers list we were told they currently only promote clothing stores as they promote what is most searched.

I feel that as lifestyle sellers, we put in as much effort when it comes to sourcing one off pieces wether you sell upcycled furniture, vintage records, hand crafted items, vintage cameras, ceramics, badges... anything but we are not acknowledged equally to those selling clothes, shoes and accessories. 

Yes, we may have a featured “lifestyle” section but we’re bottom of the line and when it comes to themes such as the current “Earth Day” we are still not considered even though we sell recycled and upcycled items. 

Depop promote themselves on the app store as a resale app selling where you can buy “the most unique and inspiring things in the world” going on to list magazines, books, music . So why then do they state they only promote clothing stores in the staff picks? 

I hope as lifestyle sellers yourselves you are feeling the same frustrations as I and my work partners are in Depop and their biased and unfair acknowledgment of us and how we contribute to the Depop community! 

Please sign our petition and help us be acknowledged!!