Demand Depop Ban All Aliexpress Items From Their Site

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Aliexpress dropshippers and reseller are a big problem on Depop. There’s no room on Depop for Aliexpress and the ideologies of Ali resellers. Here’s why:

1. Environmental Justice: Depop prides themselves on selling on second-hand items which is better for the environment and cuts down on the billions of pounds of textile waste. Aliexpress does the opposite, by creating more clothes to enter circulation. Aliexpress clothes are cheaply made, they don’t last long. 

2. Ethical Labor: Aliexpress is based in China, they underpay and have low safety condition. Fast Fashion is not free, somewhere someone is paying for it. 

3. Over Pricing: Depop is for many people a way to get the clothes they love for cheaper. People reseller Aliexpress sell their cheap items for double or triple the price. With counterfeit items, this only benefits the seller. 

4. Scams: Aliexpress resellers are scammers. They do not address where their items come from. They do not address how much they purchased the item for. And many mislabel or sell counterfeits. Those who aren’t aware of Aliexpress resellers get ripped off and support fast fashion. 

Depop has let this go on willingly for too long.