Keep Traffic Moving!

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The trend of imposing left turn red arrows is growing.  It is not uncommon for commuters to sit idly by with no oncoming traffic for upwards of THREE full minutes waiting to make that left turn.  This is especially true for larger intersections employing double left turn lanes.  While halting left turns in these scenarios may be prudent, the same cannot be said for the single left turn lanes in a typical one or two lane road.

The left turn red arrow results in profound frustration.  Commuters are growing increasingly reckless as they attempt to dodge these traffic-halting lights.  Unsafe liberties are taken for left turns long after that arrow turns red because drivers know how long they’ll be stuck waiting for that next green arrow. 

Imagine the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are spewing into our already compromised atmosphere while drivers sit - and wait, and wait.  This is simply irresponsible.

Other states (nearby Wisconsin) employs Flashing Yellow Arrows for left turns.  The yellow provides the cautionary ‘Yield’ to oncoming traffic.  The flashing yellow keeps traffic moving which decreases frustration, provides necessary safeguards for left turns with oncoming traffic and decreases overall emissions.

It is time to keep Illinois traffic moving AND to take climate change seriously by making this change to the Flashing Yellow Left Turn light.