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Stop The Spreading of Fake News

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We are in a generation full of sarcasm and hypocrisy. People tend to overreact and do some nasty things in order to be recognized. Men tend to make stories that meant harm to everybody, just to satisfy their loathsome insecurities and selfishness. They make false statements and corrupted stories, just to give fragrance to their names.

Are we really the animal that could think and decide logically? Are we really the highest form of animal that act rationally based on the concept of truth and justice? If yes, why people don't know what is right from wrong. The government already posted some laws and acts regarding this matter. The government promised to address the cases of most Filipinos having this kind of problem.

People are affected with your fake stories. These stories will bring stress, depression, anxiety and other psychological problems to those victims with lesser EQ. You are helping them dig their own grave. 

If you can think logically and in rational manner. If you have a conscience with you. If you truly care to your fellow. If you really a follower of God. Then help us STOP THE SPREAD OF FAKE NEWS.

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