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CMS Gross Salary Maintenance Calculation is Unfair and Unjust

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I have for the last 10 years without fail paid regular maintenance for my two children plus all travelling expenses and holidays.  I have been unable in that time to set up a private arrangement in order to avoid being trolled through the mess that is /was CSA. The CSA was simply the vehicle chosen with disregard to my views to collect the payments. My CSA case closes in Dec 16 and despite two written attempts to establish a private arrangement I am subject to what is likely to be a direct arrangement through CMS however the CMS claim they are reducing trivial reassessments. My preference and attempts to set up have been ignored for no other reason than the other party will not communicate at all and therefore forced into what is a trivial reassessment . Having been recently reassessed on my NET weekly pay I am now subject to an assessment in my GROSS weekly pay. Therefore, I am being assessed on part of my salary ie my PAYE that I DO NOT SEE! How is this even just or fair even if a variation is included I stand to pay an extra *** a month more. I have always supported my children, the ones who don't live with me and the ones who do. I feel I am an easy target due to being in the Forces. The Department of Working Pensions needs to address this unfair system . This should be NET assessment not GROSS. If I loose then I will continue to be under this unfair system just like every regular paying NRP who's ex spouse chooses this system when a private arrangement can be easily worked out. Please help me by signing this petition to make a change! 

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