STOP The Clearing Of 8 Hectares of Native Banksia Bushland

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8 Hectares of native Banksia bushland is soon to be knocked down to make room for a playing field.

Native Banksia bushland is the primary feeding grounds for the endangered Carnaby's Black Cockatoo. The 8 hectares of land off of Santorini Promenade has been labelled as a 'high quality foraging ground for the endangered cockatoos' - (North Coast Times). But upon acknowledging this, the City of Wanneroo still plan to go ahead and clear the entire area. Black cockatoos return to this same feeding ground every year, but have been observed feeding and foraging in this specific area on a weekly basis. This area is 9.5 Kilometres away from the nearest confirmed breeding site, meaning if this land gets cleared, it would risk further declines in breeding success and population size.

Why We Should Protect This 8 Hectare Banksia Bushland:

  • It is a high quality feeding and foraging ground for the Black Cockatoos.
  • Carnaby Black Cockatoos are endangered and clearing this land could contribute to their rapidly declining numbers.
  •  Black Cockatoos return to the same feeding grounds each year, and this area is one of the biggest in the surrounding suburbs.
  • There are already more than ten playing fields and parks in the surrounding suburbs, it is unnecessary to destroy another area of native bushland.
  • The bushland is home to all 3 of the Cockatoos favourite plant species to feed on, Banksias, Hakea's, and Grevillea's
  • This bushland is not only home to Black Cockatoos and other bird species, but numerous species of reptiles and small mammals.
  • A reduction in the amount of food source will lower the carrying capacity of the region, therefore lowering the population of Black Cockatoos. 

It is so important that this large area of native Banksia forrest is kept and preserved so that the population of the endangered Carnaby Black cockatoos remain stable, and possibly increase. The clearing of this land will result in physically devastating effects. If you agree that this land is important in the preservation of native flora and fauna, you can sign this petition to help share your voice and try to protect this remaining bushland.