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Justice for Aaron Evans and many other veterans jailed on non-criminal contempt

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Aaron Evans is a decorated honorably discharged veteran who served in Operation Iraq Freedom in a conflict location from 7/19/2009 until 5/23/2010.  Due to the horrific conditions of things he witnessed and was a part of he now suffers from PTSD, adjustment disorder and declining physical health.

He has a 5 year old daughter from a previous marriage who lives in New York with her mother.  He has always paid child support as he loves his daughter very much.  Upon being discharged he moved to North Carolina and is now a truck driver.  As a result his salary was cut in half so he filed for a modification of child support.  He was sent an interstate claim which indicated that child support is based on your income and he was given an amount to pay through the state of North Carolina, although the original order stayed in affect in New York.  Magistrate Lisa Williams in NY denied the request for modification and scolded him for not being active military any longer.  She asked him why he "left" the military.  Remember, he was honorably discharged.

He has been in Nassau County Family Court for 3 years fighting for a modification because his income did not support the previous amount and it was causing financial difficulties. 

On October 26th, 2017 he drove 10 hours up to New York to appeal denial of modifications with Nassau County Family Court.  His public defender was not there and sent his son (who knew nothing about the case) to plead his case.  He was told by this person the case would be continued.  The case was tried anyway and none of the pertinent evidence was presented.

Judge Conrad David Singer stated Aaron was in arrears with the state of NY since the original order did not get amended.  Judge Singer asked Aaron's ex-wife if she would be willing to accept payments on the arrears (he had been paying the amount he was given by the state of North Carolina).  She denied and said she wanted payment in full so no partial payments would be accepted.   At that time the Judge inform the ex-wife that the only other option was incarceration.  Her exact words were "lock him up.  Punish him".  He now sits in the Nassau County jail until February 22nd, 2018. 


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