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Help the men and women that served our country.

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I'm sitting here waiting for some hope.....  remembering those beautiful golden sunrises, shinin' across my ranch pasture, shinin' above my black angus herd that I miss so much. Those ranch memories help me make it thru the night and help to get me feelin' free as can be, like the breeze off this warm Arizona Sonoran Desert sand.

For over a year the doctors back at the VA in Palestine, Texas gave me one missed diagnosis after another. I became very angry and frustrated. I nearly stopped breathing. I lost strength and weight (50+ pounds). I gave my Texas ranch away last January 2016, my piece of heaven on earth that I had worked so hard for and I could not stop crying. Then I drifted out west and had been running a sleepless run, searching for the answer but losing my exits one by one.

After multiple emergency room visits and seeing dozens more doctors it took one doctor on March 15, 2016 about 10 minutes to figure out why I had been suffering (ALS). The VA say they are just now thinking about Radicava treatments for me since I am a 100% disabled American veteran.

 This illness has not been fair! I've lost everything that I had cherished.  I have lost my Texas friends, my cowboy life, my pet cows and my piece of heaven on earth my Bulah, Texas ranch. Now I am sitting here waiting, crying and trying to find "My Way Back Home". I pushed many of my close Texas friends away and did not share with them that I'd been living with this shadow overhead. I suspended all my hopes and put all my dreams away, just in case I can restore them to life again someday. Maybe someday Radicava will be available for me.

Today 11/15/2017 I was denied Ravicava. They said my ALS is too advanced. My medical coverage comes thru the VA. I am a 100% disabled veteran. The VA is obligated to pay 100% of all my medical treatments. But today they said no to the only new FDA approved treatment for ALS. No hope for me now. They thanked me for my service and sent me home to die.

Something reminds me of my service everyday. Today I was reminded of the firefight that was so intense that the 2nd squad had to pull back but one Marine was left behind. That is when my squad ran towards the fight. As the sound of bullets whistled thru the air I lifted the body of PFC Craig Ward out of the mud and carried him on my back. We carried him for over a click to a safer area where a chopper picked him up. As the chopper rose into the sky to take Craig back home to his mother in Missouri I stared into Heaven and begin to pray. I then shouted out to my squad that no soldier, no brother will ever be left behind.

Today I feel alone. But I have hope and I know that if my brothers hear my cry for help that they will come. They will lift me up onto their backs, carry me to the chopper that will lift me to Heaven and take me back home.

Don't let the VA leave another veteran behind. Semper Fi


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