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Change legislation and eligibility criteria for War Widow Pensions

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Girlfriends from abroad mainly south east Asia being granted war widow pensions by the Australian, government. Women as young as in their 20's being registered as a ' defacto ' by gold card veterans and receiving the holy grail of pensions. All it takes is a phone call to register the lucky nominated person as their de facto and the jobs done. No questions asked and that means there are no time limits on the relationship or proof that the relationship is even genuine and ongoing.  Over 280 women from overseas most of which have never stepped foot in our country being paid a base service pension of $900 per fortnight and if the veteran had spent a considerable time in one of the services he is likely to have a retirement benefit known as Defence Force Retirement, Death Benefit (DFRDB). This could mean a further five or six hundred dollars a fortnight on top of the service pension already mentioned. These women alone are costing tax payers  6 - 10 million dollars a year. There has to be changes in the legislation and eligibility criteria to prevent this ludicrous waste of tax payers money which could be spent better else where. These women are not war widows not even close and it is not in the spirit of why the Australian war widow pension was established.   Minimum criteria should be - Australian citizens,  married and with the veteran for an extended period of time, pro rata perhaps. Foreigners who move to Australia have to wait 10 years to get the age pension. Why should these women be any different.  DVA  and the war widows association have burried their heads in the sand.  Noone wants to rock the boat and instead are happy to pay these gold diggers more money then hard working executives get in their own countries. It needs to be stopped. 


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