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keep Stephin Bergeron's memorial site.

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Help Stop Christina Sargent Bergeron from being forced to take down her son Stephin Bergeron's memorial site where he was murdered, along the fence line of Jerry Marine's on hwy 27 across from Wayne & Laynes's. Deparentment of transportation is forcing this family to take down the memorial that Stephin's friends & family have put up to remember him. It has been said that the memorial is a "distraction" to traffic. There is 100's if not 1000's of roadside memorials across the calcasieu parish, what makes this memorial any different? Yes, i understand this roadside memorial is bigger then most. But the family agreed to remove everything but a cross & a bench where they sit to grieve the lost of their loved one. & they were told they couldn't have anything, not even the cross & bench. We are suppossed to be a small town that is here for our community, we have rapest, drug dealer, pedafiles, murderers, & many more sick twisted people walking the streets of our community everyday & ya'll are worried about a memorial site being a "distration". We have all lost a loved one or family member, different people grieve in different ways. We need to come together & be here for this family in their time of need. We need to hope & pray that  D.O.T, finds it in thier hearts to allow this mother & family to atleast keep a bench & cross in memory of thier loved one. I also want to let it be know that it is NOT the city of Sulphur, Sulphur police department, or the mayor that is forcing this removal. They also have said they agree it shouldn't be removed. Thanks for your time. Every phone call, email, post, & share will help! God bless & Have a great day.

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