no more Daylight savings time change

no more Daylight savings time change

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Started by Brittany Canavan

We’ll just start with the fact that DLS just doesn’t make sense ! 
Indiana didn’t even practice DLS until 2006 ! 
they state that it helps with crime which I feel is not a justifiable reason to completely change the time once a year . 
There is also higher amount of depression in the winter especially “winter blues “ which is partly because of the lack of day time , so why are we changing the time to give us less ? 

here’s some health info -

taken from USA Today

Last year, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine released a statement saying public health and safety would benefit from eliminating daylight saving time. 

"Permanent, year-round standard time is the best choice to most closely match our circadian sleep-wake cycle," Public Safety Committee Vice Chair Dr. M. Adeel Rishi said in a statement. "Daylight saving time results in more darkness in the morning and more light in the evening disrupting the body's natural rhythm."

Additionally, research has shown that cluster headaches are more likely within two week of the time change, and people are more prone to car crashes because of the one less hour of sleep. 

hawaii and most of Arizona have already voted DLS OUT .

vote with me to do away with it altogether for all of Indiana . 

vote with me to change this nonsense . Write the Indiana Department of transportation and Gov Holcomb to tell them we the people want this gone . 

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!