Petition to implement 'Jeepney Terminals and Stops Act' in Marikina City

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The violation of traffic policies is manifested with the commuters who ride jeepneys along Marikina. This is caused by the lack of information commuters have in riding jeepneys, causing them to unconsciously violate the policies. In addition, some jeepney drivers do not strictly follow the loading and unloading zones and specific jeepney stops established. Furthermore, authorities exert low effort in monitoring this policy. The most common reason for this violation is choosing convenience over awareness, done both by jeepney drivers and commuters. Thus, this petition proposes to implement, strictly follow the loading and unloading zones, and display the jeepney route maps of all jeepneys who drive around Marikina in all existing waiting sheds. With this intention, we humbly ask for your support in manifesting discipline by signing this petition, and making a difference. Thank you for your support.