remove all bus lanes and parking restricions, improve traffic rules

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1. all bus lanes should be abolished. they are increasing traffic jams because drivers stop at the beginning of the bus lane trying to merge two lane traffic flow into one. as for money people pay for bus tickets - we already pay very expensive income taxes in this country which should be enough without councils fining us for bus lanes. 2. parking restrictions and parking pcns have to be abolished. it is another method for the councils to get the money. it does not solve the problem of insufficient parking spaces. we pay very high income taxes which are more than sufficient and extra money can not be taken from us as a form of pcn tickets. government should build more parking spaces and make roads wider and better organized instead of fining us for the fact we exist and need to find parking in the place we travel to. 3. traffic rules, signs and lanes should be regulated and organized better. there should be someone held responsible for us having uncomfortable and unsafe journeys due to unsafe traffic engineering. the highway code give us the rules to follow, but who will regulate traffic engineers who can put any sign anywhere making roads unsafe? examples - suddenly starting bus lanes where you do not have an alternative to avoid them, silly signs forcing us to go too slow when there is no danger, covered in potholes roads, merging two lanes into one right after the roundabout or junction, or in a busy place, bent and damaged signs, constant road works in the same place for 20plus months restricting traffic ( eg south road, southall ), zebra right after the sharp turn where the pedestrians can't see cars and drivers can't see pedestrians, changing the width of the lanes after the turns, bus lanes, and in particular bus lanes that come without sufficient warning ahead making cars stop, dangerous roundabout where a stranger driver can get lost - like 4 lanes roundabouts, park royal roundabout and similar ones. the road should be easy to get understanding of, just like a home computer with windows 7 installed on it. we also need to abolish speed humps - they damage cars, make them unsafely drive around, stop and start a lot, increasing the emissions and making our environment polluted. the road safety is when a driver does not have to think much or at all, and traffic flows easily without unnecessary stops and hesitation which will be good for the environment on the first place. all traffic system in the uk is fit for horse carriages and victorian times traffic and it is not suitable for contemporary cars at all. bad traffic conditions cost billions to the economy. changes have to be made to improve it all.

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