“Do you want a safer crossing at the Bower and Causeway intersection?!?”

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Do you want a safer crossing at the Bower and Causeway intersection?!

The island sizes, lack of lights and speed limit and ALL issues for the school community it serves.

Let's make the Causeway/Bower crossing safer for our kids!


We are seeking support for a safer crossing for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike.

We are a community action group who have been lobbying the state government and council to upgrade this intersection.  As this crossing serves as the Portside Christian College School Crossing it is completely unfit for purpose.  

The islands of the crossing are unacceptably small and on regular occasions pedestrians and cyclists precariously encroach on the road creating an acute safety concern for them, and a risky travel path for vehicles who should not have to be concerned about community members encroaching onto the roads.

All of these factors, coupled with the fact that Bower Road is a 60 km/h zone (Federal Rd) make for what we believe is an unacceptably unsafe pedestrian crossing, that at school drop off and pick up times is being heavily used by hundreds of young children and their families.

We have been petitioning the Department of Transport and Infrastructure for some time and we believe the following would be the most sensible solutions;

1)  The islands on the crossing that traverse The Causeway should be removed, making one continuous crossing and negating the risk of having pedestrians and cyclists waiting on islands in the middle of the road

2)  The SE corner slip lane (left hand turn from Bower Rd onto The Causeway for cars travelling North) should be controlled by lights, in line with the NE corner (left hand slip lane for cars travelling east along The Causeway turning left onto Bower Rd)

3)  Federal Roads can have conditional speed reductions ie at school drop off and pick up times.  This should be considered for Bower Rd as it has been for other Federal Roads in school districts.

I have personally witnessed very near misses with children and vehicles at this crossing and I for one am not willing to let this issue slide anymore as has happened in the past.

Again......Let's make the Causeway/Bower crossing safer for our kids!

Thank you for taking the time to read our petition and If you agree with our concerns and believe it is time for improvement, please join us to demonstrate general community concern.

Thanks in advance