$90 for 90 days Rego for Classic & Modified cars

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Currently in WA, if a vintage or classic car is modified it is very difficult to get it registered. South Australia have reduced the red tape by by introducing a $90 fee for 90 days.  Many classic cars were sitting idle in sheds because their owners didn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for full registration.  

These changes mean that car enthusiasts can make modifications to their vehicles without forcing them off the road and into the garage. 

This will have a flow on effect to automotive businesses such as panel beaters, painters and motor trimmers as owners prepare their cars back on the road.

Despite these changes,vehicles with major modifications such as engine upgrades will still be required to undergo safety inspections and obtain relevant approvals to gain registration.

We need these changes in WA,so please sign the petition so the $90 for 90 days can apply to WA car enthusiasts as well.