Implement Nationwide Plastic Ban

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Since 1940, the popularity of disposables, specifically plastic-made products, is emerging all around the world, especially in the market.However, we cannot say that what we experience through this is pure convenience in terms of the betterment of our environment. As a matter of fact, six million tons of non-durable plastics, which include plastic spoons, forks and knives, are discarded every year (Mishkin, 2016). In addition, Philippines has been listed the third highest producer of plastic wastes thrown into the ocean by generating 275 million metric tons of plastic waste (Philippine Star, 2015). 

The utilization of plastics results to be one of the leading causes of climate change, a condition characterized by changes in the climate due to high atmospheric temperature. This phenomenon created numerous changes to the world specifically in nature. Nature’s condition has been slowly deteriorated from several changes in the landscape and habitat of animals. 

First, nationwide plastic ban aids in the prevention of pollution. Plastic goods are being thrown away and becomes garbage, only after single use. Normally, these would take hundreds of years to biodegrade since as plastics were made with the material called polyethylene, a chemical which takes 300 years to decompose (Kario, 2011). If the number of used plastic products would decrease, then the amount of chemicals, which makes clean water and fertile soil eventually be unusable, would also be reduced.

Next, individuals greatly benefit from the nationwide plastic ban as this would decrease the effects of climate change and it would also help them since they can reuse the eco-bag that they have unlike plastic bags that were made for single use only. That is why a nationwide plastic ban is needed throughout the Philippines as it would bring positive effects to every aspect of the community and the nature itself.

Overall, the nationwide plastic ban has further beneficial aspects, thus, must be more recognized and supported by every single one of us. An implementation of nationwide plastic ban would lessen the carbon footprints and decline the increase of atmospheric gases causing climate change. Thus, we as stewards of nature must be aware and help the  lead in the movement for environmental conservation and the government must also participate to strengthen their policies on reducing plastic use. By doing this hand in hand, we could be successful enough to save our Mother Earth before it is too late. It is hard to shift away from the actions we have gotten used to, but all hardships have benefits.The world is slowly changing, we need to make a move to stop its gradual devastation.

So in line with this, we should discourage the utility of products made out of plastic. Instead, let us encourage ourselves and others in supporting the nationwide plastic ban.Several local government units have started the plastic ban already so why not have it throughout the country?

If not now, then when will we move?

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