CLAYGO Policy in Fast Food Chains

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Is it hard to keep tables of fast food chains clean? Is it normal to leave messy and dirty tables? Is it difficult to take into consideration the welfare of other people? 

At present, people tend to carelessly leave the tables they have occupied filled with dirt and trash. They got used to the manner that someone will clean their litters and leftovers after they eat. 

We, Dada Teruel and Zanthe Nepomuceno, would like to promote discipline among consumers by encouraging and practicing the CLAYGO or the Clean As You Go Policy in fast food chains. 

Through practicing this act, not only we would create a cleaner environment, but we would be able to give consideration to the next people who will occupy the table, as well as help the crews of fast food chains maintain cleanliness. 

"It starts with you. Don't be apathetic to littering" (Pellicer-Magnaye, 2017)