Skate Day

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The pavement and roads are not all that great in South Africa but it does have its gems. See there is two types of skating; vert and street. There are not àlot of places to skate vert anymore and it's to be expected because skateparks cost a few million. And we are happy to have the few we do. But then there's street skating, it's dangerous and the reason for that is cars, drivers don't care much for us skaters (not all but some). And the pavement isn't all that great either, it's usually cracked and broken, and you come past people in your way that you have to stop for on the norm. The reason is that pavements are too narrow. So I call to the skate community.

All that we are asking for is that you help make Skate Day possible. Once a year or even once every leap year all cars are asked to please stay off the roads and skate boards, roller skates,  BMX, scooters and even J boards are allowed a few hours of freedom on the roads. Obviously we are not asking to shut down the highways. Even if it's just in a small area like Durban, Joburg or Cape Town.  Though it would be nice for the enire nation to expirience it. 

And before you ignore our cause, think of what a fantastic tourist attraction this would be. People coming from all over the world to have a sneak peek of our Skate Day. People think of South Africa as a 3rd world country and as poor, weak and a dangerous place. Our country is a meme. Let people think of us as a country that's comes together. If you heard from one of your friends that there's a place in America where once every four years there are no cars on the road and children, teens and adults just take to the streets on their skate boards, scooters and bicycles. U would think that that is so cool, why not help that be us.

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