Student Falls Victim To Racist And Xenophobic Attack So DTEF Terminates His Scholarship

Student Falls Victim To Racist And Xenophobic Attack So DTEF Terminates His Scholarship

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Ramasu Ramasu started this petition to Department Of Tertiary Education Financing Botswana

In a case that is eerily similar to that of Emmett Till, who was beaten to death by a group of white men after being accused by white women of wolf-whistling at them ( one night in August 2018, Leano Mathaio was walking home from his university's library in Exeter, United Kingdom,, where he had been preparing for his exams (which were only a few days away), when he encountered two unidentified white females. The females, unprovoked, uttered the words 'Look, there's a N***** behind us' without any doubt, referring to Leano. He then confronted the racists, all the while taking a video recording of the encounter on his mobile phone. The women proceeded to say even more demeaning and deplorable racial slurs to him. Upon realising that he had been recording them, the women screamed out to a group of white males who were passing by, accusing Leano of attempting to rape them. The white males descended upon Leano and beat him to a pulp, leaving him unconscious on the street. To add insult to injury, they smashed his £800 Iphone to pieces so as to get rid of the evidence, and made away with the bits and pieces of the phone, leaving him only the phone's screen protector (I'm assuming they left him the screen protector for consolation).  Leano says that he woke up the next morning to find himself in A&E at the hospital.

Needless to say, there is no way that Leano could have just ploughed through the shock and trauma of his near-death experience and sat for his exams. To expect that of him would be wholly unfair and devoid of any humanity. I cannot imagine the stress, and psychological trauma that he had to endure all by himself with absolutely no support from anyone. Experiences like these cause unbearable stress, depression and can push victims to the point where they may end up committing suicide. They can have can you questioning the very purpose of your existence, and your worth as a human being. Thinking about what happened to Leano makes me feel physically sick.


Sometime after he had collected himself, Leano told the Attaché’s office about what happened to him. Understandably, the office wanted evidence of what he said happened and requested Leano to submit;

1. A police report of the incident,

2. a medical report from the time he was in hospital following the assault.

3. A statement from Exeter University stating what options Leano had regarding his studies having been unable to sit for his exams.

 I'm confident that all of you reading this are all too familiar with the bureaucracy that is entrenched in institutions like universities and government departments. Also

- This all happened during the summer vacation when universities are not fully staffed

-  He did not have a phone to communicate with the hospital, the police and his university.

Because of the reasons stated above, Leano was unable to obtain all the documents on time for submission to the Attaché’s Office. In response, the office TERMINATED his scholarship.


It is clear to anyone with a heart that Leano is a victim here;

1. he is a victim to a society and culture that has a long history of having little regard for black lives. There is an infinite and ever-expanding list of innocent black people, particularly black young men, who have lost their lives in racist attacks in the United Kingdom, remembering people like;

Stephen Lawrence,

Christopher Alaneme,

Anthony Walker

Michael Menson

and many other young black men who have lost their lives in unprovoked racially aggravated attacks very much similar to Leano's. Luckily, God saw it fit to spare our Leano from that, but this begs the question; Would DTEF have cared more about Leano's experience if the attack had led to his DEATH?

 2. he is a victim of gross negligence from the Education Attaché's office in London. The office did not offer Leano any kind of assistance to see him safe through his ordeal. They did not enquire about his well-being or offer him counselling. They did not bother to ensure that the racially motivated crime was dealt with accordingly. With his stipend having ran out end of September, the office failed to ensure that Leano had adequate shelter and food to sustain himself. A cold, unsympathetic, and indifferent treatment of a victim of a racially motivated crime from the people who are tasked with his care in this foreign country. The Office's treatment of Leano is inadvertently validating the hate that was looking to rob Leano of his worth as a human being, his future and his life.

In conclusion, Leano has obtained all the aforementioned documents but the Attaché's Office claims that the evidence he has provided is not sufficient. I believe that if we stand in solidarity with our brother and not let the racists win and also demonstrate to the Attaché’s Office that not only is their decision a lazy quick-fix but it is also morally reprehensible. We can get them to reverse their decision and reinstate Leano's scholarship and not have his future ruined by evil racists. Help us stop racists from stealing Leano’s future!!! Sign the petition!!!!!



0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!