Is Aadhaar card really optional? Why is it mandatory for services like Mobile connections?

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Aadhaar...  Concept introduced as optional has slowly moved to a phase of being a mandate. Why should a rule of compulsory submission of Aadhaar enforced on customer in using basic services of mobile. Recently people are receiving sms from their respective service providers with deadline to submit Aadhaar irrespective of old or new customers. No one knows why is this ask.

Inspite of submitting all KYC documents multiple times why a need of Aadhaar?

An optional document is mandated in all services starting with e-filing, now with telecom operators. What if someone does not have Aadhaar?

He or she does not have rights to enjoy telecom services,inspite of having other valid government provided documents like Passport, Pan Card etc.

Why compromise on our privacy by linking everything including basic services like Mobile to Aadhaar.

Getting an Aadhaar is not easy for all and in all locations and what if individual does not want an Aadhaar since it is a optional document as per Supreme Court.

Submission of aadhaar to basic services should stopped, Please respect and safeguard our privacy.