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Vodafone !! Stop Scam in the name of VAS

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We are all victims of unknown charges by the mobile operators and I am no exception. I moved to Vodafone Postpaid connection recently and realized very soon that there are various services I am getting subscribed to which I never requested for. On calling them, I am advised not to click on any of the pop ups from any of the sites (which I never saw to be honest) and that these are from 3rd party and they have nothing to do with this. But the question is if they have nothing to do with that, Who authorises them to cut the money from my account ?

Is there any payment gateway or something that you are put through before making the payment for these services. Just one click (which most of us have never even observed ) and they give those party your money. Money flow cant be so easy. No PINs, no confirmations or nothing of that sort which makes you aware of the payment being processed and offering you the consent. This is 100 percent a scam from Vodafone and might be other telecom operators too. 

I tried to approach the Department of Telecommunications and vodafone via tweets. DoT  forwarded the tweet , I got  a call from vodafone , they waived the charges and the next morning I get the services activated again. I have exchanged hundreds of tweets now with afore mentioned but no permanent solutions which lets me to believe or atleast think that the department of Telecom is actively helping these companies with these scams.

I saw a similar petition already done  but somehow it seems that it was closed when it should have had a lot of support because there are tonnes of people facing problem like this.

I have told them multiple times that I am not authorising them of any transaction or charges to my account but they dont seem to pay heed at all. There are hundreds of people who are not even aware of the charges being applied to their account and that is what these companies are taking advantage of.

VODAFONE will have to stop this. Its not about a few hundred bugs off my account but crores of rupees that the company is making from thousands of people every single day in such an unethical manner. 

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