Petition against Cell Tower Installation in Residential Area

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We, the residents of Thiruneelagandar Nagar jointly oppose the erection of new cell phone tower by Jio service providers in our street. We already have a cellphone tower within the radius of 100 feet. Trees were cut down, a lot of birds and other creatures were made homeless already for this tower installation.

 As per the guidelines framed in 2005 under EPA act 1986,
1.Erection of towers shall  not be allowed within a radius of 100mts from residential area

2. A single telecom tower can be used by multiple service providers, we already have a cell phone Tower.

3. Also prior consent from the owners of adjoining residential houses have to be obtained.

With another tower installation near our residential area we would be prone to much of radiations and the consequences there after. Hence forth consider this to be our strong opposition, jointly of the residential people.

We kindly request you all to sign our petition to stop this unwanted and hazardous project immediately. Your support will not only help us, but also the amazing creatures lives in the trees surrounded by the plot. 

Thanking you,

Residences of Thiruneelagandar nagar 4th street, Puzhal, Chennai-66.