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My name is Feras Alkhudari MD pediatrician specializing in intensive care medicine of premature babies.

My wife Dana has been blocked from returning to the U.S for no obvious reason although we have been living in the U.S for years and years.

This could easily make us face the inevitable outcome of going to Syria, where a civil war & daily massacres occur as we speak.

I have been in the U.S for the last 10 years, taking care of premature babies ..

Now, my whole family (my wife, 2 kids and myself) may be in great danger if Department of State didn't let my wife come back to the U.S

I need your help by sigining this petition so may be some one from the government can look at our case compassionately and solve this issue and end our tragedy.

Time is flying & I have no time left to save my family before the end of August.

Thank you


Letter to
Department of State, United States of America
Petition on Behalf of Alkhudari Family

A Plea for the Return of Dana Krayem Alkhudari and the Alkhudari Children, Masa and Rayteb, to the US

July 2012

We are signing this petition on behalf of the family of Feras Alkhudari MD. Dr. Alkhudari is a Pediatrician and Intensive Care Physician, specializing in the care of premature infants. He is currently working as a neonatologist at the St. Vincent Health System in Erie, PA. He accepted a position there, in what is considered an Under Served Hospital, to fill a critical need in their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

We are writing and signing this letter to express our deep concerns & worries about a situation which has placed Dr. Alkhudari’s Wife, Dana Krayem, and his two children, Masa and Rayteb, in potential peril and has split the family asunder.

Dr. Feras Alkhudari is a Syrian national here in the US for the past nine years on an H1B Visa, married to Dana Krayem, of Lebanese origin, a Pharmacist and, currently, a stay-at home mother. They have two children who carry American citizenship: Masa, a little girl, age 4, & Rayteb, a one year old boy.

In December of 2011, Dana Krayem, traveled with her two children, Masa, and Rayteb (then 9 months old) on a routine trip to the United Arab Emirates to visit with her family who reside there. While there, Dana was informed by the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi that her visa had been revoked. No explanation was given.

Therefore, Dana Krayem and her two American born children, little Masa and Rayteb, cannot return to the US. As a Lebanese national, Dana cannot legally stay in the UAE indefinitely. Lebanon is not an option as she has no connections there. Moving to Syria in view of the great social unrest and daily violence is out of the question, not even as a temporary measure. Two such young children cannot go anywhere without their own mother.

Effectively, through no fault of her own, Dana Krayem has become stateless. She has nowhere to go. The Alkhudari family is torn apart. Little Masa cannot understand why she cannot go home, why she cannot play with her friends or take dance lessons like she did over 7 months ago. Little Rayteb, whose first birthday past without his father’s presence, believes that his father lives in a computer monitor!

On January 12, 2012, Dana Krayem, while in Abu Dhabi, applied for a new US visa. The US Embassy has told her that her visa application is under administrative processing. This process thus far has taken six months, continuing the strain on the Alkhudari family.

Dr. Alkhudari, who in his capacity as a physician in an NICU, is saving the lives of American premature babies and bringing happiness to distraught American families. It is now America’s turn to restore Dr. Alkhudari’s family, his wife, Dana, and two American children, Masa and Rayteb to him.

Feras and Dana have always respected the laws and values of their community and adopted country, the US. They are persons of good moral character and behavior. The US needs people like them.

We, the undersigned, beseech you to bring this deplorable situation to an end and return Dana, Masa and Rayteb to the loving arms of Feras Alkhudari here at their home in Erie, PA, USA.

Feras Alkhudari

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