No to March Session for Lower and Primary Classes

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Govt. of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is planning to shift the schooling session from existing November session to March session with the reasons and justification that it will bring the session calendar on par with other states of India, will provide more working days and help students compete better with competitive examinations outside the state. With the support of private school association this decision is forced upon the students without taking the stakeholder, probably the biggest stakeholders, the students themselves into any account. 

The October session has been in practice for some good reasons especially for the lower and primary departments. The reasons that Govt thinks and reasons for the change may be applicable to secondary schools but are definitely not applicable for the lower classes at least till 10th Standard. The present scheme of things aligns well to the climate of the valley which is NOT AT PAR with the rest of India. School children get new books and work at home in the long winters at ease. This gives them a stress free environment to study and imbibe the concepts. The entire scenario changes when you have a long winter and have to do nothing but to just keep yourself warm and prepare for examinations. The reason that this will increase the number of working days in school is also incorrect. We still need the winter off. Govt has mulled winter schooling earlier which has fallen flat due to miserable infrastructure. This is in sharp contrast to states outside the valley where there are long summer vacations soon after the students get promoted to new classes, giving them a good time for stress free learning. As far as competitive exam calendar is concerned, this doesnt concern lower and primary departments and is wrong equivalence. 

Let our kids not get stressed by policies half thought and half applied.