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CHANGE NYC Alternate Side Parking Rules - Bring back QUALITY OF LIFE TO NEW YORKERS!

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CHANGE NYC Alternate Side Parking Rules - Bring back QUALITY OF LIFE TO NEW YORKERS!

As fellow New Yorkers we know that your days at times can seem like a struggle! We hustle and we bustle day in and day out! While we are strong and united as a city we also find ourselves feeling unwelcomed, ripped off and lacking quality of life!

Are you tired of receiving endless tickets for alternate side parking because your meeting ran late? Are you tired of receiving endless tickets because you needed another quarter and didn't make it back in time? are we! And it's time we fight for a change and gain back some quality of life! 

There surely must be a better way to monitor both the motorists and the sweeper trucks! We are aware of previous attempts to ease those rules, as well as of the administration’s objections to it! We know that there was a lack of GPS devices in the sweeper trucks but it is 2017! Technology has come a long way making it possible to render installation of these devises much easier and much cheaper! In fact, the devices would also help supervisors to better monitor their staff and keep the community safe at all times!

Why is the sweep time typically 90 minutes? Shouldn't there be a more refined time-table (to benefit both the city and the residents of the city) ? It is hard to understand why on some days the sweeper comes at 11:00 AM and other days at 12:20 PM and other days not at all.

Please help us get some quality of life back in the streets of  New York for the people that call this city home!

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