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Conservation of trees along MRT-7 construction lines

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Trees should be saved

 Who likes traffic? We don't. However, we also don't agree to some of the conditions of our country's solution to traffic. Take for example, the trees that would be cut down in order to make room for the construction of Metro Rail Transit-7 (MRT-7). The project aims to solve both transportation and traffic problems. We all know that modernization is needed in order to help the society function. But this doesn't mean that we need to sacrifice our nature for it. The construction began last year and is expected to be up and running by 2020. So what are we campaigning for? We are campaigning for the 1858 trees that would be affected by the construction. Out of 1858, only 623 would be earth-balled. Earth balling is a process in which extraction of trees would be done by digging out its roots. So what about the other 1235 trees? These would be CUT down! According to Sofio Quintana, DENR-National Capital Region assistant director, they share our sentiments however, MRT-7 is a premium project. Also, 525 trees that would be cut down belong to "premium" species. These include Narra, Molave, and Ipil which are classified under "Endangered Plants". Our group proposes that those that would be cut down must not be cut down, we propose to Earth ball the trees and plant them near mountains. We believe that even though they plan to plant 20 seedlings for every plant that would be cut down, every plant is necessary to save. This would be a win-win situation as transportation would be enhanced and trees would be saved. That would be our vision to the problem with the construction of the train line. Our goal is patterned with the government. We want to have faster transportation especially along Commonwealth Avenue without sacrificing our environment. Again, our group would reiterate, modernization is necessary but our environment must not be compromised.  


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