Medical Marijuana Driver Safety/Cognitive Abilities Test

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If you are worried about impaired drivers, or you use cannabis yourself. you need to sign this.

I have been a marijuana user since adolescence. I have been using it for pain exclusively since 2004 when I injured my back. I have never obtained my driver's license due to this. I was always anxious that I would be accused of driving while impaired, even though I knew I wasn't affected the same way as others.

I can maintain all of my functions when I stay within my well-known limits. In fact, it would take an unreasonably large amount to intoxicate me. I always knew this myself, but obviously, it is not able to be proven. I feel discriminated against due to my injury, and my decision to NOT use opioids. There are now studies out of Harvard that state this exact fact. Longtime users, especially users since adolescence, retain more brain functions and cognitive abilities than other users.

People are now getting off of DUI charges in court because of this, even though they may have been impaired.

Children are also being taken away from parents who use medical marijuana by protection agencies, becuase they believe they are "intoxicated"

We need a way to properly determine someones impairment.

This problem gave me an idea for an analog test, digitally.. With today's technology, we have the ability to obtain vital information from a person that no field sobriety test could obtain. using an Ipad and multiple separate cognitive tests we could very easily determine if someone is impaired. I think that with the right research and development, such an app could solve a lot of today's issues surrounding impairment. Traffic, family, and even correctional agencies could benefit from this tool.

This system wouldnt allow for cannabis users to drive. What it does is allow for the small subset of responsible users to be judged based on their actual cognitive state and not by a proof of existence test like blood testing.

It also allows us to collect more data on the subject, which there is very little.

I have created a website to try to facilitate the development of the CAT tool at  As development progresses I will update the site.

I have not been able to get a response from any level of government, It seems like nobody cares. I and am hoping some backing will help.