Keep Our Fisheries Local

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The Marine Fishers Association Inc. represents the interests of nearly all of South Australia’s 300+ commercial marine scale fish fishers. 

Our Industry forms the basis of our State’s sea-to-table food supply chain for whiting, garfish, snapper, calamari, shark, herring, mullet, ocean jackets, snook, sand crabs, octopus and other locally caught fish species. 

This past year, the Industry has been the subject of government reform and on the 1st November, the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, the Hon. David Basham, announced his decisions regarding the future of the Industry.  Together with the advice of the Department of Primary Industries and Regions, Minister Basham has been keen to take on board the reform recommendations of the MFA and regional coastal councils. 

However, unfortunately, the Minister’s current decisions may result in unintended consequences. 

Unless loopholes are addressed, many of our local commercial fishers will be unable to remain in business and South Australia risks losing its local fishing industry, perhaps forever. 

This has already happened in other Industry species; offshore/interstate investors already control over 65% of our rock lobster industry.

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